We are a Link Building Service delivering real results

Our link building service uses data-driven strategies to increase your organic rankings resulting in more clicks and traffic.

link building service

Link Building Service

We provide a link building service, that will improve your Google rankings. We contact and form relationships with websites that rank high in Google that will enhance your link profile.

We will conduct an audit to determine the keywords you are ranking for and see how they stand against that of your competitors. From there, we will set up the campaign to help you improve your rankings and outrank your competitors.

We are a UK-Based Link Building Service

Before starting any link building campaign, we begin with the following questions:

What is your current position in the market?

Where are your pages ranking compared to your competitors?

What keywords are you focusing on?

Do you have a list of keywords that we can look at and expand upon to find the golden nuggets?

What keywords are currently ranking?

Are the keywords that are currently ranking bringing in traffic? We analyse all the keywords in the top 30 to find some quick wins and gain extra traffic. 

Have your keywords improved, or are they stable or fluctuating? 

If your keywords have been stable, that is a good sign, and you may need additional content added to the page or just a few more links to boost the rankings. 

If the keywords have been fluctuating, we will look at your web host’s stability and your website’s response times. By improving the stability of the website, rankings improve too. 

Have you hired any link building services before? 

What work did they complete on the website and in your link profile? The answer to those questions can help us uncover areas for improvement. 

What are your business goals?

Do you want to double or 10x your business in just 12 months? Are you willing to invest in content? 

Once we know what your business goals are, we can easily determine if we are a good fit. For example, a midsize business wants to double its monthly turnover. 

Who manages your website? Are they external or internal?

We would like to know who manages your website, and if you will allow us to make any required changes we will agree upon.

Our link building process involves the following:

Step 1

Your content is audited to see what you have and what can be improved. If you have content that needs to be improved, our writers can uplift any content and add the correct tone and sentiment for conversions. 

We find what keywords your customers are searching for, and will identify keywords that can help boost your sales significantly. Finally, we will edit your on-page SEO to include these keywords, meta tags and alt tags for images. 

We apply the right keywords to the articles we create, so the Google Bot knows what the page is about and naturally ranks the content to outrank your competitors. 

We can optimise your website, including loading times to provide a wonderful experience for future visitors who visit your website to purchase your products or services.  Sometimes we may recommend that you move to a different web hosting company if your website preforms poorly in the Google Developer Page Speed Tests, test your site to see how it compares to our website.

After optimising the website and decreasing loading times, we will start the backlinking process. 

You need to earn backlinks for your website as this is an upvote in the eyes of Google, so we contact relevant websites for a backlink. 

We look for websites that have a similar audience to you. We know that this type of traffic converts. We contact web admins and negotiate a guest post, sponsored post, or link insertion. This can also increase the traffic to your website dramatically. 

Step 2

Our professional writing team will create content with the keywords you want to rank for. Once we have written the content, you will be able to read it (and make edits if desired) and approve it before we submit the posts.

Step 3

We send the articles to the publishers for them to add the content to their content calendar. Once the blog post goes live, you will see the link in our report that is updated daily and on the publisher’s website. 

Using the process above, we can deliver a minimum of 10 links a month. We can provide more, depending on the industry and competitiveness.

We compete and beat your competitors by out linking them for competitive industries. As a result, we can quickly scale if needed.

Do you provide freelance link building?

We provide freelance link building, as we do not bind our customers to contracts. We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations. It is what we would expect if we hired a professional linking service. Every customer gets an internal report that they can view in real-time. When we post an update, the report is updated as well.  

Who does our link building service work with?

Our high-quality link building service builds links for any business. In addition, our link building company supports SEO agencies that provide link building services and marketing companies that need professional outsourced link building. 

How long does SEO take to see results?

It all depends on the state of your website and how your content is performing. If you had SEO done in the past, it doesn’t matter. We will still conduct the website audit and analyse each part of your website to ensure it is performing optimally. 

Each time an audit is run, we find things that can be updated on a business website. If required, we can run our audit weekly or monthly and report on new enhancements we can make on your website. 

Once the website audit is complete, we start to build links. We usually start seeing results in a few weeks from enhancing the website. It will take a few weeks to start seeing organic results in SEO or link building as we have to wait for the publishers’ content calendars process to complete. Still, once the link juice starts flowing, we usually see rankings steadily improving over 3-6 months.

Where is your company based?

We are based in Berkshire in the UK, about 60 miles from London and 5 miles from the market town of Wokingham. However, we work with customers worldwide. Since 2020, we have been location independent and meet with clients from different parts of the world via Zoom. We work with customers in the UK, North America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.