Exactly what we do

An Insight Into Our Link Building Process

We like full transparency in our link building agency, so we detailed the entire process of how we work so that it may answer any questions you have about our link building service. 

We give our customers our full attention, and therefore we limit the customers that we work with to ensure we can deliver the best service to each of our clients.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of building links to your website or blog from other websites on the internet to increase your search engine rankings. 

For example, if you have a blog about web design and gain a link from a link building agency, as they are in a different niche to you but in the same sector. The link is relevant and will send traffic to your website as the traffic is from a relevant source. 

We are a specialist team that builds links for our customers in various niches. We use technology and processes that speed up our workflow.

Our Link Building Process 

Create Email

The first thing we do in any campaign is creating an email account that we can use for our campaign. The benefit of doing this is it is much easier to acquire links if the email matches the owner’s name and surname. 

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track where your visitors are coming from and what pages they are visiting. Therefore we need to add your website to our GA account to be able to track the metrics and the progress of our link building campaigns.

Search Console

We will ask for access to the search console account to see the traffic and conversions you are getting. 

Search console allows us to see your keywords’ position before starting the campaign and it enables us to see which page gets the most traffic. 

The information is crucial so we can assess our progress or make adjustments to our strategy.

Ahrefs Integration

We use Ahrefs and ask that customers upload the Ahrefs verification files so that we can analyse your website link profile. 

Ahrefs is used to track your incoming links and your competitors’ links. 

In addition, we use Ahrefs to scan your site to check for any problems while doing the web audit. 

With all three of the tools above, we can identify the popular keywords and pages that generate the most traffic, and we can analyse your competitors to see what they are doing. 

We then build a plan to outrank your competitors with our link building.

Website Audit

We provide a website audit for clients’ websites to ensure we have a solid base to work from.  

We scan the site with Ahrefs and look at technical and fundamental errors on the website. 

An example of this is during a recent website audit for a customer. 

The audit results highlighted a problem with the web address. 

We found an installed plugin with an extra slash (//) in the CSS File. 

We contacted the plugin developer and reported the error. A few weeks later, an update was released, and the plugin coding problem was resolved. 

Website optimisation

Another customer was a local business. We found that she was not targeting the area where the company operated during the audit. 

We provided suggestions and fixes for her local SEO. It resulted in more traffic from the local area. 

We look at over two hundred points during the audit to ensure your website is secure, fast, and optimised for search. 

We provide the report and fixes for you to make changes, or we can do it for you. This is a feature that we offer to all customers.

Link Building Content

We will analyse your content. For example, we will look to see if you are actively creating content, how many shares each piece of content gets, and if you have an email list and social following that we can use to showcase your content. 

If you do not have content, we can help you by providing content to help refresh your website or blog. 

Content is created for Guest Posting. In addition, we have content writers that we use for all campaigns.   

We recommend that customers have a budget for content creation for their blogs and link building.

Finding Link Building Targets

While the web audit team is conducting the audit, the link building team will be finding suitable targets for the keywords that have been identified. 

For instance, if you are a company providing “Local SEO”, we would search for the term: 

“Local SEO inurl:resources”

This would return all results about Local SEO, where the word resources are in the URL. As the search is specific, the chances are we can contact these websites’ targets for a link to your website. 

We would ask for a link to be placed in the content resource if they have existing content or offer them a Guest Post. 

We use the following link types when building links:

Guest posts, where we place the content on the target website

Resource pages, also known as broken link building, target a resource page for a link.

We will contact local bloggers for a link back to your website. An example of this would be an “SEO Agency” where we could get links from local bloggers or business websites in the area that are not in competition.

Link Building Plan

Once we have the targets and the lists sorted, we create a new tab in the dashboard detailing everything we are doing over the next six months. 

This report can monitor your link building campaign 24 hours a day. 

link building

Prospecting List

At this stage, the website audit will be completed and implemented. All the content that we can use has been identified.

We have a list of targets (list of prospective websites) that we can approach for links at this stage. 

Once we have the list of prospective websites, we ensure they are a suitable match. We don’t like links from spammy websites or blog networks. We find the contact’s name and email and add them to the spreadsheet. You will see this reflected in the dashboard. 

Link Building

A detailed personal email is sent out to each target specifying the type of link we are looking for. We find personal emails have a much higher chance of converting. 

People are busy, and we understand that sometimes we all miss that email. This is why we follow up on each email up to three times. 

Once a link is agreed upon, we add the link to our dashboard for you to see. 


After running a link-building campaign in a highly competitive niche for three months, we had this result.

Link building results

We aim for two types of traffic during a link building campaign:

  • Referral Traffic
  • Organic Traffic

Referral Traffic

We target websites where we put relevant content in front of them. They click the link because they are interested to find out more. This sends traffic to your website.

Organic Traffic

As we build more links to your website, your search engines rankings will improve and your website visitors will grow, more keywords will start to rank naturally, bringing more relevant traffic.

We focus on quality links and do not use any spammy links. 

We focus on building 10 – 20 links per month. Some months we build a lot more. However, this would depend on the negotiations as these things do take time to finalise.

Cost of Link Building Campaigns

The cost of the link building agency campaign will depend on the traffic you are trying to achieve.

Monthly Service

We charge £3000 for 200 targets and a minimum of ten links per month


If we provide the content for our link building, the cost for 200 targets and a minimum of ten links would be £4000 

In the unlikely event, we do not achieve 10 links per month. We will keep working until we do.

Please contact us if you want to go ahead. 

Link Types

Below are all the link types we work with:

Resource Pages / Broken Links

Resource pages are pages that you can list your products and services on. There are many of these pages on the internet. 

Unfortunately, you will find lots of broken links on these pages too. Therefore, we contact the resource owner and provide your resource as an alternative to link to.

Link Roundups

These pages aggregate a specific subject and are compiled as blog posts and are placed on websites. Then, we contact the link roundup publisher and get your blog post added to the link roundup. 

Guest Posts

Guest posts are used when you do not have a lot of content. We find sites in your industry that allow content for guest posts.  We create an interesting article for a relevant link. 

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are like guest posts but are paid for. This is commonly used when we are creating content about products and services. 

We negotiate the fee, create the content, and place it on the site. The post is labelled as a sponsored post on the website. 

Link Reclamation

If your website has a lot of content and has been indexed for a long time, there will be websites that mention your brand, products, or services in their blog posts without providing you with a link. 

Therefore, we will contact the site owners and politely ask them to attribute the link to your website.  

Bridge Method Location Based

Find other business websites that are not competitors in your area and ask them for mutual link placement.

Bridge Method Niche

Find related websites that are not your competitors and ask for a link. 

Online PR

Online PR has a spammy history as website owners abused press releases in the past. 

We provide real PR. If you have something of interest, we refer to it, or we can create something of interest. 

We try and get the attention of journalists working for Buzzfeed or any other online news site. 

They usually charge for this, but the quality of the link is high. We will approach local newspapers if you have done something for charity or other worthy causes. 

Local Blogs

There are hundreds of local blogs in your area, and most people running these blogs will not be making any money off it. However, since they are local and could provide a relevant link, we ask them if we can provide a sponsored post. 

Student Blogs

Student blogs are hosted on university domains which carry a lot of SEO weight in the search engines. Therefore, we contacted the students and asked for a link. 

Pillow Links

We use pillow links to diversify your anchor text. The aim is to make your anchor text 100% natural. 

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting can be used to build relationships with content producers leading to more productive relationships. It can also lead to referral traffic. 

Conference Links

If you attend conferences or events for your business, you may be able to get a link from them.

Directory Links

You should be listed if there are directories specific to your industry or business. 

Professional Organisations

Are you a member of a professional trade organisation? You can get a link to your website from them. 

Manufacturer Links (eCommerce)

If you use a product or service from a company, you can often get a link from their site as a distributor or affiliate. 


A link from Wikipedia is precious, but it must be correctly positioned to add value as Wikipedia is highly moderated. 

Video Links

If you create a video for your business, we can distribute the content across YouTube and Vimeo and place links in the video’s description. 

Advanced Link Building Tactics

We use advanced SEO and link building tactics to help our clients improve their rankings. 

Reverse Engineer Competitors

Your competitors’ link profiles are examined. We do not copy them but use this as a base to understand what they are doing. We then build your link profile manually to give you better quality links and referral traffic.  


If you have access to data and statistics, we can use the data to build infographics to embed on other sites with a link back to you.

Skyscraper Method

The skyscraper method works by finding a content piece with lots of links pointing to it. We then produce a better version of that content and let the people know you link to the original piece that we have a better version available.

Broken Links

This broken links version is slightly different, we will look for pieces of content with many links pointing to it, but the content does not exist anymore. 

We will create a similar piece of content and email all the people linked to the last piece of content and show it to them. 


If you are looking for a professional link building agency to create quality links for your website, we are your best bet. So send us an enquiry today and watch your traffic (and conversions) skyrocket!